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The Tomkins family are third generation, award-winning Master Builders with 60 years of Queensland construction industry experience.Since its inception in 1993, Tomkins Commercial & Industrial Builders has evolved and diversified its areas of expertise to meet increasing client needs. We design and construct a wide variety of dynamic commercial, industrial and residential projects including special heritage ventures to each client’s unique specifications.
 Recently completed projects

 We provide a distinctive service:

  • Our ethos of innovation and enthusiasm delivers construction projects which exceed client targets and deadlines;
  • Our team has a comprehensive depth of industry knowledge and experience to deliver complete construction services;
  • We employ Best Environmental and Safety Practice; and,
  • We implement risk mitigation strategies to all projects
Dornoch 1.jpgDornoch 2.jpgDornoch 3.jpgDornoch 4.jpggoondoon1.jpggoondoon2.jpggoondoon3.jpggoondoon4.jpgmosque1.jpgmosque2.jpgmosque3.jpgmosque4.jpganstead-SES1.jpganstead-SES2.jpganstead-SES3.jpganstead-SES4.jpganstead-SES5.jpganstead-SES6.jpgMcCullough-Street1.jpgMcCullough-Street2.jpgMcCullough-Street3.jpgMcCullough-Street4.jpgMcCullough-Street5.jpgMcCullough-Street6.jpgACU-carpark-web-09.jpgACU-carpark-web-12.jpgACU-carpark-web-16.jpgACU-carpark-web-18.jpg
  Projects under construction
Slobodian-1.jpgSlobodian-2.jpgSlobodian-3.jpgOkeefe 1.jpgOkeefe 2.jpgOkeefe 3.jpgOkeefe 4.jpgc25-Bridge St 5.jpgc75-Bridge St 3.jpgc89-Bridge St 2.jpgACU-Building-T-01-web.jpgc96-Bridge St 4.jpgACU-Building-T-04-web.jpgACU-Building-T-02-web.jpgACU-Building-T-03-web.jpg

The Tomkins culture:

  • Building is not a contract, its a relationship.
  • At Tomkins, we uphold trust and respect first.
  • We create the opportunities, we resolve the problems, and we deliver the solutions; it is all part of being a focused and morally driven company. That is why our clients are confident with the Tomkins name.